Most marketing audits come from one of two places:

-From someone currently performing the services being audited

-From someone who wants to earn the ongoing business of managing that service

Both of these present problems. It's in the best interests of the first group to sugarcoat their efforts. The second has a strong incentive to exaggerate minor issues and make big promises about how they could do better. 

When I do a marketing audit, I'm not looking to protect a retainer or steal someone's business. My only goal is to be your advocate and help you become more profitable. You have my guarantee that I will neither pitch nor accept an ongoing contract to provide the audited services for your company.

My aim with any audit is to identify the areas where gains can be made, then give you a plan that can be implemented by your existing team or agency. They know your company and products, and even if they've missed some opportunities, they're usually still the best choice for implementation. After all, nobody works harder than an agency, employee, or provider who knows you're keeping tabs on things (and also being fair in not expecting them to be perfect).

If an audit uncovers serious issues with your current provider, I'm happy to provide referrals to one or more providers well-suited to your goals, budget, and needs. 

Does this mean you won't help implement your recommendations?

Not at all! Ideally, your existing team or provider would handle the implementation, and every audit includes a "moving forward" document to help guide you and your team in going forward. However, if they need help, or if you need someone to implement while you shop around for a new provider or employee, I'm happy to provide a quote for whatever level of temporary involvement is needed to get things done.


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